With digitization and the advent of media, it has become even more important for intellectual property owners to have clear and practical guidance on protecting their creative works.

De Tullio & Partners aims to offer personalized services for the protection of copyright, online and offline, as well as to assist authors with strategies and procedures aimed at maximizing the protection of copyright in the event of plagiarism or use unauthorized by third parties.

Legal advice

De Tullio & Partners provides advice on a wide range of issues related to copyright, including verification of the “chain of rights” aimed at establishing the ownership of rights, assistance in the negotiation and drafting of rights assignments, licensing agreements, production and co-production agreements in the audio-visual sector, as well as all issues relating to the commercial exploitation of protected works by copyright (i.e. works of art, photographs, music, graphic works, software, etc.). Furthermore, De Tullio & Partners provides assistance for the registration of your intellectual property in the SIAE registers.


De Tullio & Partners assists clients in the negotiation and drafting of agreements for the economic exploitation and transfer of copyright. The services offered aim, in particular, at planning licensing agreements and potential partnerships for the economic exploitation of authors’ rights also in the sector of social media, digital platforms and the internet.

Protection of rights and contentious

The online world has exponentially increased the danger of copyright infringement. For some time, the De Tullio & Partners team has specialized in the investigation of violations carried out on the Internet and, possibly, in the preparation of “notice and take down” procedures and warnings for the illegal use of protected works. The firm also specializes in litigation and legal remedies in the event of ascertained violations of the rights of works protected by copyright.

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