Which comes first?
The chicken or the egg?
"The imagination has made more discoveries than the eye" - Joseph Joubert.

Intellectual Property is the tool to enhance and protect the individual's ability to create and innovate. It is the measure of how much each of us can differentiate ourselves from the crowd and create something unique that affects progress and our future in a way that generates benefits for ourselves, for the people around us and, sometimes, for the whole humanity.


Full legal assistance in trademarks registration, from the conception of a trademark to its protection and enforcement. Worldwide trademark searches and assistance for national, regional and international registration.
Assistance and support in all phases of patent filing and enforcement of inventions. Patent Landscape Reports (PLRs) providing assistance in decision making through an overview of the business, scientific, and technological trends.
Support and assistance in all phases of design registration with Intellectual Property Offices, for the assignment of rights and defense against counterfeiting.
Complete assistance on the search, registration and renewal of a domain i.e. the name entrusted to a website, DNS management, and protection to protect the domain name.
Personalized services for copyright protection, implementation of strategies and procedures aimed at maximizing protection in the event of plagiarism or unauthorized use.
Assistance in granting and registering utility models, i.e. industrial products, created with the aim of improving existing solutions.
Legal advice to companies in particular in the creation and implementation of internal protocols and procedures capable of strategically managing sensitive information.
Among the other services of the law firm: registration of company names, business Intelligence services, IP assets evaluations, assistance in civil and criminal litigation proceedings.
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De Tullio & Partners offers a wide range of innovative services having as object the protection and enhancement of companies’ innovation.

The continuous and “tailor made” approach to the client’s needs is guaranteed by a cohesive group of highly specialized professionals and represents the key for maximizing the value of intellectual property assets and for developing solid business models.

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