IT & Domain names

The choice of a domain name, technically the name entrusted to an internet site, is closely linked to that of the company or to the brand for an obvious reason of continuity and identity, and it is therefore possible to register the domain using the same characters that make up the latter.

De Tullio & Partners is able to provide complete assistance on the search, registration and renewal of a domain, DNS management, extension abroad and in the protection of your domain.

Domain availability search

Our professionals will start a search for domain names in generic registers or in national and foreign registers, in a preventive sentence, aimed at identifying any identical names, if these are followed by an extension that refers to a particular geographical region.

Domain assignment and renewal request

Once the availability of a domain has been ascertained, De Tullio & Partner will take care to register it in order to give you exclusive possession and right of use. Generally a domain expires after one or two years from the date of registration, it will be our job to notify the customer and proceed with the renewal.

DNS management

The DNS management services offered by De Tullio & Partners allow you to register a domain and direct it to your own server, and also allows you to defend yourself against cyber attacks aimed at damaging intellectual property.

Domain protection and safeguarding – domain name reassignment actions

The protection of a domain name must deal with a speculative phenomenon present on the web, linked to the ownership of domains and brands: cybersquatting. This term indicates the registration and hoarding of domain names corresponding to trademarks or names of others, carried out by those who do not have the right to do so for purposes of unfair competition or for resale at higher costs.

De Tullio & Partners provides complete assistance to deal with any type of attack on brands and domain names, from the counterfeiting of products sold through e-commerce, to the registration of domains similar to yours that could in any way harm intellectual property, credibility and industrial rights. In particular, De Tullio & Partners provides legal assistance in the Domain Name Reassignment Procedures at the Country Code Top Level Registry (ccTLD “it” Registry) and at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for General Top Level Domains .com, .net, .eu and .org. These simplified administrative procedures make it possible in certain cases to recover a domain name registered in bad faith without resorting to legal action.

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