Industrial designs and models

An industrial design can be conceived both as a drawing, responding to two-dimensional characteristics, and as a model, i.e. a three-dimensional reproduction of an object. The registration of a design or an industrial model serves to protect the aesthetic peculiarities of a product, corresponding to the shape, lines, colors and all those qualities that make it attractive for a consumer.

De Tullio & Partners provides support in all phases of design registration with national and international Intellectual Property Offices and is able to provide complete assistance in the subsequent phases ranging from a possible sale or transfer of rights up to the defense from counterfeiting and infringement of industrial rights.

Prior art searches

The search service is aimed at verifying the possibility of registering and using a particular model or industrial design. The places designated for this investigation are the Intellectual Property Offices equipped with databases in which our professionals carry out a census by identity, in order to trace any identical industrial designs in national or international registers, or by owner, with the aim of revealing which designs have been registered by a particular competitor.

These searches provide a complete picture that does not only concern the registrability of a design, but provides important elements for defining a commercial strategy and for defending against possible abuses by third parties.

Risk analysis

Where searches are initiated when the design is already on the market – for example, when the intention is to avail of the NON-REGISTERED design protection available at EU level – the searches will constitute an analysis of the risk deriving from the use of the product on the market , to verify possible counterfeiting effects and violations of third party rights, with consequent analysis of costs and exit strategy, with a view to safeguarding investments, including those of any partners who have invested with you in design, and any competitive positions already gained on the market, in the event of disputes.

Assistance in registering and managing a design

De Tullio & Partners offers assistance in the drafting, presentation of the application and registration of industrial models and designs at the Intellectual Property Offices of the countries chosen by the client on the basis of his commercial choice.

Furthermore, our team of professionals will be at your side, offering you the necessary support for the purchase, sale or licensing of one or more industrial designs, providing you with precise advice on the novelty elements that characterize models and designs and on defendability from possible infringements of industrial rights.

Protection against counterfeiting

In defense of intellectual property, De Tullio & Partners has a strategy based on a careful assessment of any violations or improper use of the object in question, providing assistance in a dispute both on the plaintiff’s side and on the counterparty’s side.

To these services is added the formulation of compensation for damages suffered and suffered within a legal proceeding on the infringement of industrial rights.

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