Other services

Registration of the company name

Choosing the name of your company does not only involve an analysis of the impact it can have on the market or its ability to best represent the company, but must take into account the possible existence of an identical name.

De Tullio & Partners allows you to perform a precise search in the Company Registers and in the databases of the Patent Offices to ensure that no one else is already using your name. The research phase is associated with complete assistance for the drafting of applications for concessions and subsequent registration.

Legal Consulting and Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a fundamental component for a company that wants to grow, and translates into a concrete strategy derived from precise data analysis. Our law firm provides services to carry out thorough industrial property title due diligence to assess the quantity and strength of IP assets owned or licensed by a company, firm or individual.

Our experts obtain effective and determined tools for investments, objectives to be achieved, resource management, through studies and market surveys.

IPR Management

The IPR Management service offered by De Tullio & Partners aims to adopt strategies and tools necessary for the protection of a trademark, patent or industrial design through all the life stages of an intellectual property, starting from the first steps of registration up to global protection of ownership through market surveys, competitive analysis and particular attention to possible counterfeiting which is associated with the necessary legal measures.


De Tullio & Partners assists national and international clients in civil and criminal litigation, in particular with reference to any issue relating to patents, distinctive signs in general, copyright, know-how, protection of industrial and software secrets, geographical indications, competition law, licensing relationships on distinctive signs, etc., in all levels of judgment (including proceedings before the Court of Cassation and the European Court of Justice).

The firm’s professionals are responsible for developing a judicial strategy aimed at obtaining rapid and effective protection of intellectual property assets, resorting to emergency measures capable of obtaining corrective and/or anticipatory measures (such as, for example, description, seizures, inhibitory orders, withdrawal from the market, etc.).

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