Utility models

As far as utility models are concerned – also considered “small inventions” with a modest technical gradient, very often aimed at optimizing or improving the functioning or use of technical solutions (i.e. patents) – it is possible to refer to what has been said for patents for invention.

De Tullio & Partners offers complete assistance in drafting applications for concession and registration for utility models to be understood as industrial products, distinguished by an absolutely new character, created with the aim of improving already existing industrial solutions.

Prior art searches

De Tullio & partners employs professionals specialized in prior art searches in patent matters, using the databases of national and international patent offices, but above all specialized B2B databases, which allow for more reliable results to be obtained in less time.

Risk analysis

Patent searches also involving utility models can be real risk analyses, to be carried out on a regular basis to avoid facing huge investments due to having underestimated the effects of the secrecy of patent applications in the period between the filing of the application and publication.

De Tullio & Partners employs specialized professionals for constant updating of the research carried out, in terms of risk analysis, both to avoid conflicts with previous rights of third parties and to minimize the risks deriving from the non-accessibility of data in the aforementioned window period.

Application for utility model registration in Italy

De Tullio & Partners follows the client in every phase leading up to the filing of the utility model application with the UIBM, by filling in the necessary forms and analyzing the documentation, so that the filed application corresponds to the criteria of conformity and regularity in terms of claim, drawings and sufficiency of description.

It also follows the subsequent phases of the filing – in particular, the expiry notices for international and regional extensions – any responses to requests from the UIBM to arrive at the granting of the title, the conformity of the certificates and the five-year maintenance of the rights.

Extension of the validity of the patent abroad

The owner of a utility model can decide to extend – within the priority period of 12 months from filing – the utility model application at an international or European level, and also assert his/her patent coverage abroad, provided that the country in which you intend to activate the protection accepts the utility model as an industrial property right.

Indeed, it is not possible to extend the protection of utility models to all countries of the world. De Tullio & Partners can help you select the best protection strategy country by country, identifying alternative protection solutions for those countries where the utility model is not accepted.

Assistance in the management and exploitation of the invention

Our team of experts offers complete assistance during all phases of the possible exploitation of a utility model, providing support in the preparation and presentation of a portfolio of securities to potential investors, carrying out evaluations on the acquisition, sale or licensing of one or more utility models, quantifying the related royalties or the sale price according to the parameters of the reference market.

Monitoring violations and fight against counterfeiting

In defense of your utility model, De Tullio & Partners offers comprehensive coverage that assists clients in preliminary assessments before initiating or defending themselves in an infringement proceeding – in order to reduce the risks deriving from any greater damages deriving from the declaration of nullity of the title – against third parties.

Once the infringement of the intellectual property right has been identified, our investigative team will collect the evidence of the infringement, prepare the necessary documents to request any precautionary actions in the case and manage the related causes, up to the final decisions and possible appeals.

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