What is the expected timeline of the proceeding pending before the German Constitutional Federal Court against the ratification of the Unified Patent Court Act and which are the possible scenarios?

Are there developments related to the FTA that the EU is negotiating with China and Japan, in particular in connection with the GIs chapters?

Do you know that Free Trade Zones collectively employ 66 million workers, while generating over USD 500 billion in direct trade-related value?

What are the issues and challenges for holders of EU IP rights (such as EU trademarks and EU designs) in view of Brexit?

Do you know that the EU Directive 2016/943 on Trade Secrets has been implemented in Italy with Legislative Decree n. 63/2018 published on the Official Gazette n. 130 of last June 7, 2018?

Are Blockchain Technologies really useful and practically applicable for tracking and tracing products, supply chains, counterfeiting?

What is “Landlord Liability” and it is possible to identify a responsibility of these intermediaries facilitating illicit activities?

These and other topics have been discussed during the first meeting of the IP Commission of ICC Italy, chaired by our managing partner Elio De Tullio, held in Rome last June 11 at ICC, with the presence of representatives of institutions, associations and right-holders, like Bulgari, Ferrero, Consorzio Prosecco, Bracco, ASI, CNR as well as of Michelin star Chef Cristina Bowerman, President of Ambasciatori del Gusto Association, which deals all over the world to enhancing the Made in Italy food and wine.

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