Know-how and Trade Secrets

Companies, and SMEs in particular, are called upon to adapt their business model to the new challenges of the business world and, therefore, to create and implement internal protocols and procedures capable of strategically managing sensitive information and, where relevant conditions, protect them as trade secrets in order to be able to exploit them economically.

Classification of confidential information

De Tullio & Partners proposes to provide legal consultancy services to companies in particular in the preparation of the classification of confidential information to verify that the same can be considered trade secret, as well as in terms of level of confidentiality, availability and integrity of the information. Our team carefully analyzes how the various categories of confidential information are stored.

Verification and updating of contracts

The De Tullio & Partners team provides control and verification services for all contracts involving various figures, such as employees, distributors, suppliers or other commercial partners, possibly updating the related contracts with the preparation of confidentiality clauses where not present and defining the limits and the methods of use of confidential information by individual subjects.

Agreements and confidentiality clauses

De Tullio & Partners has long been involved in the drafting of non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and more. Our team of experts also aims to align the contracts that the company enters into with employees and/or third parties taking into consideration the need to protect confidential data and information.

Verification and implementation of the business model

De Tullio & Partners aims to develop guidelines and handbooks, policies, protocols and internal procedures to strategically manage data and protect it.

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